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District Governor (DG), Heather Lane, DTMD28GOV@d28toastmasters.org
Immediate Past Disrict Governor (IPDG), Vera Johnson, DTMD28IPDG@d28toastmasters.org
Lieutenant Governor of Education & Training (LGET), Ida Vance, DTMD28LGET@d28toastmasters.org
Lieutenant Governor of Marketing (LGM), Susan Stillman, DTMD28LGM@d28toastmasters.org
Public Relations Officer (PRO), Kevin Kapustiak, CC/CLD28PRO@d28toastmasters.org
Secretary (SEC), Michele Pierrie, DTMD28SEC@d28toastmasters.org
Treasurer (TREAS), Michael Sabatowski, DTMD28TREAS@d28toastmasters.org
Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA), Harold Vroman, CC/ALBD28SAA@d28toastmasters.org
Division A Governor, Mark Abramson, DTMD28divA@d28toastmasters.org
Division B Governor, Matt Budds, CCD28divB@d28toastmasters.org
Division C Governor, Kevin Leistner, ACS/ALBD28divC@d28toastmasters.org
Division D Governor, Dolores Harris, ACB/CLD28divD@d28toastmasters.org
Division E Governor, Paul Bednarski, CC/ALBD28divE@d28toastmasters.org
Division F Governor, Doreen Dudley, ACS/ALBD28divF@d28toastmasters.org
Division G Governor, Lawan Dixon, ACBD28divG@d28toastmasters.org
Division H Governor, Steve Miller, ACS/ALBD28divH@d28toastmasters.org
Division I Governor, John Salalila, ACS/CLD28divI@d28toastmasters.org